Introductory Post

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Because of the nature of a blog, here I will provide my own experience and realizations with my mental health. I am just one person, so it’s worth taking my advice with a grain of salt. To combat my singular voice, I plan to use intellectual sources or books to support the arguments I make in my posts.

I am Ethan Fisher-Perez, and although diagnosis of mental health issues is imperfect, a therapist of mine labeled me as dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and a psychiatric test with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I understand how difficult it can be to reckon with your own mind; but I also understand that difficult doesn’t do it justice. It feels impossible and it feels lonely.

I want to write with an honest, steady, and occasionally humorous voice, because, let’s face it, mental illnesses are pretty stupid. I want to encourage discussion and communication between readers and myself, and I plan to post things about the obstacles I’ve faced thus far and I hope some people will be able to relate and learn from my words what I’ve learned from my experience. There will also be elements of self-help and secular philosophy, which have helped me immensely.

I also hope to follow the field of neuroscience as it relates to mental health issues—a field I hope to be in as I move through college. My dream work is to develop a new way of diagnosing mental illnesses that relies on internal structures rather than the behavioral tests of today that function to create a stigma and a doubt among many people of these issues’ reality.

Some of the posts I plan on writing in the future:

  • How to Rediscover Your Sense of Choice
  • How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts
  • How to Treat Mental Illness as a Habit
  • Dealing with Anxiety as a Student

I also want to provide on-demand resources and communication, as well as insight into a longer-term betterment plan.

If you want to improve the quality and clarity of your thoughts, I sincerely hope I can help you. If you would be interested in the enumerated posts, be sure to follow my blog or bookmark the website. Remember that you shouldn’t and can’t improve your mind alone. I have hope for everyone and eagerly await the day mental illnesses are a thing of the past.

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