Meet the Writers


I’m Ethan Fisher-Perez.

When I was 14, working at my first job at a water park, I discovered the obsessive nature of my thoughts, brought out by 8 hours of nothing to do but think.

I will be attending Lehigh University in the fall of 2020, where I will be studying Behavioral Neuroscience with the end-goal being a Masters in Computational Neuroscience, with which I can work to improve the validity of mental illness diagnostic methods.

Finding online resources when I was most fearful of my thoughts was difficult, so I hope to provide honest, direct, and actionable advice to those discovering similar issues.

Check out the children’s book I wrote and illustrated, called “The Emotional Knight” on Amazon Kindle for five dollars. All proceeds go to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. The book is about emotional intelligence, an invaluable skill for children and adults alike to learn.


Hi I’m Jacob Pogue

I am a current college freshman pursuing a degree in neuroscience, with the end goal being a career in a field centered around neuropharmacology. The aspect of this field I am particularly interested in centers around how even small amounts of external substances can create massive cascades of subsequent reactions in our brain and how those reactions impact our day-to-day cognition. 

Being someone who only began my journey to improve my mental health earlier this year, I hope I can bring insights as to what I found challenging about first starting out with meditation and other methods of mindfulness, while also shedding light on other ways to get the most out of your brain.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at

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