Learning to Enjoy the Little Things

For a long time, I thought people that were content with the small things in their lives were naïve. I thought that by rejecting joy from seemingly insignificant sources, I’d be guaranteed joy only from significant sources. For example, I felt that if I was happy with what I had, there would be nothing withinContinue reading “Learning to Enjoy the Little Things”

Training Wheels—My Journal Part 1

This is the first time on this blog I’m diving into my journal and picking out some excerpts I’ve learned from and want to share. Let me know if you got anything from this, because I had a blast doing it! Quote 1: “Maybe I’d be happier with less demanding to-do lists. Just doing whatContinue reading “Training Wheels—My Journal Part 1”

Living Deliberately Despite Anxiety

If Depression is a narcotic, Anxiety is a stimulant—Anxiety is a neural cocktail of cocaine and ecstasy, panic attacks an overdose. By “living deliberately,” I mean purposely doing less than you think you should do but, as a result, getting more effectively done. I mean being picky about what you spend your time on, doingContinue reading “Living Deliberately Despite Anxiety”

The Most Important Trait to Have

When it comes not only to improving your mental health, but changing your entire life for the better, one positive trait will get you further than almost any other. It’s not resilience, it’s not optimism, and it’s not spirituality. It’s bravery. That’s it. This is obviously just my opinion, but I’m going to try myContinue reading “The Most Important Trait to Have”