Stop Caring About Your Thoughts

In the short-term, anyway. It’ll save you a lot of time. Why Do We Care So Much About the Content of Our Minds? If you find yourself spending a lot of time thinking, reflecting on that thinking, and then being frustrated at yourself because you’ve determined the thinking is “bad,” this post is for you.Continue reading “Stop Caring About Your Thoughts”

Living Deliberately Despite Anxiety

If Depression is a narcotic, Anxiety is a stimulant—Anxiety is a neural cocktail of cocaine and ecstasy, panic attacks an overdose. By “living deliberately,” I mean purposely doing less than you think you should do but, as a result, getting more effectively done. I mean being picky about what you spend your time on, doingContinue reading “Living Deliberately Despite Anxiety”

You Change When You Stop Wanting to

When we physically or mentally list out our flaws, we feel productive. This is because, in every other facet of life, recognizing problems is the only way you can begin to combat them. We feel like if we understand every little thing we want to change about our selves, we can create a plan toContinue reading “You Change When You Stop Wanting to”

Rising Above Your Brain’s Chatter

This post is gonna be about something I’ve noticed about the way I think—something I imagine many other people can relate to. “Paradox” Paradox is an intimidating word, but this is the definition: The last definition is the most simple, so that’s what I’m gonna go with. So how do our thoughts follow a patternContinue reading “Rising Above Your Brain’s Chatter”

Showing My Personal Journal to Strangers

As I try to make abundantly clear since I love it so much, I write in a journal every day. And I also don’t mind opening up to anyone about my mental health, because it is from experience that I believe we really all have a lot more in common than we expect we do.Continue reading “Showing My Personal Journal to Strangers”

School is a Breeding Ground for Fear

The closest I’ve ever come to a panic attack was when I was laying in my bed the day before the first day of my freshman year of high school. So I thought I’d address this significant event in my life under the belief that many people experience the same and worse. I was 14Continue reading “School is a Breeding Ground for Fear”

Living in Spite of Yourself

Sometimes it makes sense to take revenge on your past self. Here’s what I mean by that: many people with anxiety issues have troubled relationships with themselves, of all different levels of severity. A lack of confidence and a weak self-esteem can make it near impossible to solve the issues we want most to solveContinue reading “Living in Spite of Yourself”

Acting on the Urge to Go Outside

I’m extrapolating here, but I feel like every so often, we all get an incessant urge to be outside. Whether it’s because the temperature is perfect or because we appreciate the sound of rain, sometimes the outside calls us. And often, we stay inside. There are a few reasons this could be. We may feelContinue reading “Acting on the Urge to Go Outside”

My Salutatorian Speech About Anxiety (Video + Transcript)

For the speech I’d give for my school, I wanted to convey a history of my anxiety and a unifying final message. Transcript I was, still am, and will forever be a scared little kid. My earliest memories are of being nervous. In first grade I wrote over my pencil marks several times to achieveContinue reading “My Salutatorian Speech About Anxiety (Video + Transcript)”

How Anxiety Ruins Reading

For some reason, it seems to me that many people who identify with issues regarding anxiety are the same people that love reading. There may be a correlation there—but as we become disillusioned with life, I think we naturally grow to read less. That’s not to mention that anxiety can take many different forms, allContinue reading “How Anxiety Ruins Reading”