Showing My Personal Journal to Strangers

As I try to make abundantly clear since I love it so much, I write in a journal every day.

And I also don’t mind opening up to anyone about my mental health, because it is from experience that I believe we really all have a lot more in common than we expect we do.

So the other day, I had an idea: starting very soon and updating once every week, I’m going to post excerpts from my journal to this blog and reflect on them.

I hope that I can show readers and myself that the thoughts that seem so important at the time we have them fizzle off into meaninglessness rather quickly. I think I will be able to laugh at some of the things I wrote, in retrospect.

If it’s entertaining and I can get anyone to begin writing in a journal, I will continue it as long as I can.

This is a short post because I wanted to introduce the idea before trying it.

If you any suggestions, let me know! I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Showing My Personal Journal to Strangers

    1. I think mostly, paper and pen journaling is about finding what is the most emotionally relieving for you. So it takes some practice—generally, the more feelings you can get down in front of you, the better. I’ll get to it!


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